Parish Nurse Health Tips April 1, 2018

HT 4-1-18

Health Note for April 1, 2018
A blessed Easter to each of you! I am so uplifted by the beauty of the church, the flowers and trees in bloom, and the beautiful music from our musicians as well as our congrega-tion. The joy of the Lord is evident in our actions! Soon the weather will warm and new life will spring up everywhere!
David and I will be traveling later this year to Bethlehem on a pilgrimage with a LCMS parish health team. Our LCMS Parish Nurse in Bethlehem shared thoughts on how Easter is celebrated there that I would like to share again with you.
“Similar to Christmas, in our country we usually celebrate Easter in different dates according to different calendars. This means that: the Catholic, Evangelical, Lutheran churches celebrate Easter on one day, where the Greek Ortho-dox, Syrians, Armenians celebrate Easter one week later. Easter celebrations are on different levels – special sweets and biscuits, home decorations, eggs, etc. Spiritually, people may fast before Easter according to their church cus-tom, and usually there are several extra church events and activities such as special bible study sessions, concerts, etc.
Usually people get the advantage of having permission, so they have an opportunity to visit their relatives, friends and different places in Jerusalem and other areas.”
As we at Peace join family and friends in worship and celebration events, I am particularly mindful of the freedom to travel and stay connected to our family and friends – something she and those in the walled city only experience a few times a year.
Her closing comments sum it well: “I pray that we all have resurrection in our life not only now or this season, but all the year around, so that whoever meets you sees the light of Jesus in You.”
Jesus is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!
Cynthia Rutan, RN, Parish Nurse at Peace Lutheran Church and School