Parish Nurse Health Tips Feb 25, 2018

HT 2-25-18

We are walking!!   Yes, it is cold outside.  Yes, we are really

busy this time of year.  So…Why Walk?

Walking is mentioned almost 250 times in the Bible.  We were built to stand tall.  Our joints need to move to maintain good range of motion.  Every day I read in my nurse posts about the benefits of walking. “The benefits to heart health are compelling.  Regular walking can prevent depression, lengthen lifespan, lower stress levels, relieve arthritis and back pain, strengthen muscles, bones and joints, and improve sleep.”  (

A walking program has physical benefits while also drawing us closer to God by adding an intentional reflective or devotional element.  Stepping away—literally—from the demands of our daily routines to walk, reflect and pray reminds us that God created us and wants to come near to us. Our goal…travel the many miles to Jerusalem by Easter.

The Parish Health Bulletin Board in the fellowship wing hallway has information on ways you can add miles to our trip even if walking is not an option, so I will accept no excuses!  Each week I will pick a name from the folks who turn in miles to me on the tally slips in the narthex, and that person will receive an incentive award for their effort!  Wow!  Let’s get going!

Focus for this week in your walk thoughts:

Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus. Philippians 2:5

Patience is the virtue for healthy living we will ponder as we walk:

¨ What does patience mean to you?

¨ What does it mean to lose your patience?  What kinds of things make you lose your patience?

¨ How can you be more patient with others?

¨ It is hard at times to make healthy changes in our lives and stick with it.  How can you be more patient with yourself?

Prayer: I pray that we begin our “walking”  journey to Jerusalem learning to have patience with others when they don’t do as we think they should.  Help us to have patience as we work to progress in our physical activities in our walk to Jerusalem as well as our emotional activity and spiritual experiences in faith growth. Amen

Cynthia Rutan, RN, Parish Nurse at Peace Lutheran Church and School