Worship Service (live)

Our live steam is now up and running. We will be streaming both of our services. First service is at 8am and second is at 10:45am every Sunday. Streaming will begin 10 min before service starts. We are still working on making the audio the best it can be. During non-music sections it is clear but during music sections we have to add a different mic to pick it up better.

We also now have an app for your IOS or Android phone. Download the app called CHURCH APP LIVE from JSL Solutions. See app instructions below.

To view our live stream click the link below

Peace Lutheran Church Live Stream

CHURCH APP LIVE Instructions

1. Download the app “Church App Live” from the Google Play Store for your Android device or from the Apple Play Store for your IOS device.

2. When you start the app select WASHINGTON STATE in the first drop down menu labled “STATE:”.


4. Select the “Yes, This is my church” to confirm.

5. You can get access to some information, including the live stream, without logging in. you just need to select “CONTINUE WITHOUT LOGIN”

6. To gain access to the areas that are for members only select the option on the login screen “REQUEST AN ACCOUNT”. Once your login is approved you will get an email confirming you are ready to login to see all options in our app.

7. If you run into any issues contact Wes Peper at wgpeper@hotmail.com or