Parish Nurse Program

Who is our Parish Nurse

    The Parish Nurse brings health/education services to Christ’s family at Peace Lutheran Church and the local community. The Parish Nurse focuses on a holistic approach to the mind, body, and spirit. Services that the Parish Nurse offers includes: health education, counseling, referral services, liaison to the medical community, home visitations, office visits by appointment, and the integration of faith and wellness.

     The Parish Nurse has a commitment to the compassionate outreach, to the hungry, the unborn, the homebound, the ill, the elderly, and all families or individuals asking for services. The Parish Nurse is committed to improving the health status of clients who are served and supporting the follow-up of the health care services. The follow-up is conducted by reaching out to clients requesting spiritual, emotional, or health care services at the Parish Nurse Office, in the client’s home, or in the community. Our goal is to bring forth the role of faith communities in health and healing. We offer health services that are compassionate and responsive to the needs of individuals in today’s changing environment.


Home Visitations
Office Visits
Blood Pressure Monitoring
Health Screening
Wellness Education
Health Status Assessment
Compassionate Listening
Dietary Information
Infant/Child Resources
Senior Person Resources
Physician, Dental, and Community Referrals 


For Your Health
Health Tips from the Parish Nurse

For further information contact:
Peace Parish Nurse
Mrs. Cynthia Rutan, Rn. 

Mrs. Cynthia Rutan, Parish Nurse
Peace Lutheran Church
1234 NE Riddell Rd.
Bremerton WA 98310

Church Phone: (360) 377-6253
Fax: (360) 377-0587
E-Mail Peace Parish Nurse
Office Hours: Wednesday
10:00 AM-2:00 PM

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