Sunday Morning Bible Study

Ladies Bible Study
Led by Joy Nilsson and meeting in the church’s cry room Sundays from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM

Love Rules: A Study of the Ten Commandments
by Christina Hergenrader
What do the Ten Commandments do for you? Do they send you on a guilt trip? Are they a mirror of your frailties? Or do they hold life-changing love? The miracle of the Commandments is that even after thousands of years, they still hold everything we need to live in relationship with God and with one another.
The forty short chapters in Love Rules are shards of real, gritty life. In this women’s Bible study, you will see yourself and how pride, insecurity, grudges, and coveting damage relationships. Each narrative also shows exactly why we still need Jesus and His perfect, Commandment-keeping love.
Love Rules tells the story of spiritual transformation, shows how God wants us to love better, and helps us see how we can. This Bible study addresses one commandment each week, then follows up with four devotions that approach the topic from different angles. The readings takes a “what does this mean” approach by asking open-ended questions and providing related Bible readings.
For individual and group study, each chapter concludes with questions for reflection and discussion.

About the Author
Christina Hergenrader is an author, speaker, blogger, and retreat leader. She was named Teacher of the Year for Houston Area Lutheran Schools. She and her husband, Mike, are parents of four children.


faces_5016cJUNE 18 TO SEPTEMBER 3

Please join us this summer for a time of faith, family, fun & fellowship.

FAITH: We will be looking at and discussing lots of Bible verses, spending time in prayer, and joining our voices together to praise our awesome God.

FAMILY: Our entire church body will be meeting to do Sunday School together this summer. This will provide a wonderful opportunity to know each other better and become closer to our siblings in Christ.

FUN: We will meet during the normal Sunday School hour and enjoy refreshments. We will spend time in small groups, organized discussion, and activity.

FELLOWSHIP: Our structured time each week will be shortened to provide for more time to just connect with each other.