Parish Nurse Health Tips 11-05-17

Parish Nurse Health Tips 11-05-17


Today is the “time” to “catch up” on the many chapters of this busy fall season, did you notice the attempt at humor? Time change always creates a bunch of problems, both good and not so good, in our daily routine.  Our body rhythm has adjusted finally to daylight savings time, and now we have to fall back.  Let’s look at the fall season from a healthy perspective to see what is in store for our busy season ahead.

The time change event will generate some sleep/wake issues in some as well as will the longer period of darkness that blankets our continent for the winter months.  Many folks have varying degrees of adjustment with symptoms of S.A.D. or Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression that begins and ends at about the same time every year.  It manifests with low energy for some, sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, and loss of interest in your usual activities.  Some complain about oversleeping, appetite changes, and weight gain.  For most folks, it’s a temporary thing, a seasonal thing, and some simple changes such as making your environment sunnier and brighter, add a long walk during the day to soak up some light and sun, and add exercise to your daily routine.  Don’t forget that we have the morning walk opportunity at Peace in the gym or outside on dry days that help with fellowship, exercise and light exposure!

This past week I was the victim of a fall Upper Respiratory bug that hit hard and required medication and some days of rest and isolation to prevent spreading it to others.  It seems appropriate that we take a few minutes to remind ourselves about getting the flu vaccination.  I also want to add a few tips to help prevent the virus spread.

😷 Avoid close contact with those who are sick, and stay home when YOU are sick to help prevent the spread.

😷 COVER YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE WHEN YOU COUGH!!!!!  Cough into your arm, not your hands!

😷 Wash hands often, and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

There is more info on the Kitsap Health District website and I will post their article on my bulletin board for you.

This week we also observe a very special day for our community, Veterans Day, which we will observe next Sunday, November 12, in the church. If you are a Veteran, please consider wearing your uniform next Sunday.

Be well in the Lord!

Cynthia Rutan, RN, Parish Nurse at Peace Lutheran Church and School