Parish Nurse Health Tips 10-29-17

Parish Nurse Health Tips 10-29-17

In recent weeks we have seen a change/difference in our Sunday worship and church activity participation.  Fall activities have begun in many families for some the schedules sometimes make it a challenge to include Sunday worship or weekly Bible study or other church related outreach activities. The pace seems to speed up for us as we try to find room for everything we want to do. How can we fit it all into our life and still not be on STRESS OVERLOAD?

Today is a wonderful day to begin actions to ‘reform’ our thinking, our faith growth, our personal spiritual growth.  Reformation that began with Martin Luther can continue with us.  Secular activity pace is beginning to pick up and it can sometimes greatly influence how we practice our faith.

I shared some thoughts a year or so ago to help us think about how we are focusing our faith habits, and I’d like to share them today again to “kick off”  (I’m a football fan!) the Advent season just around the corner.

A prescription for “Self – Image:  Improving our Vision” that seems appropriate to share as food for thought on how you can improve your spiritual health.

  • Refocus your vision with God at the center and everything else in increasing distance from Him…Draw this as a map & plot your stressors
  • Stay grounded in God’s Word and in prayer every day: It WILL improve your vision!
  • Guard against negative self-talk, and when you do, restate it in words God could agree to
  • Build intimacy with others
  • Invest yourself in the work that matters, be involved in serving others
  • Periodically look in the mirror and see what God sees: A precious redeemed child!
  • Speak a word of affirmation to others.

I’d love to hear your stories of self image vision improvement.  Email me or put a note on my desk!

Thanks be to God, there is a way to improve our vision…by being grounded in His Word!

Isaiah 55:8

Cynthia Rutan, Parish Nurse at Peace