Parish Nurse Health Tips for July 16, 2017

Parish Nurse Health Notes for July 16, 2017

God nourishes the whole earth with refreshing water, yielding a bountiful harvest. His Word does the same—nourishing faith, refreshing souls, and increasing joy. We dare not live according to the flesh but according to the Spirit who magnifies and sheds all kinds of God’s goodness upon us and makes us heirs of an incomparable wealth in the Gospel of Christ, recipients of His life-giving Word, and inheritors of the everlasting Kingdom of God.

I shopped this week for Health Care Items for our group leaders for VBS that starts tomorrow!  (ARE YOU REGISTERED?). In my office are many bottles of water as a main staple item for these group leader bags.  As I read the theme scriptures for our worship today, I knew my article had to focus on water!

News broadcasts every day recently have shown the devastating fires through our northwest, and the water that is needed to extinguish the fires is so precious. When we have gatherings at church we always have coolers of water to drink (as well as Lutheran tradition coffee!), and I always have water containers in my car and in my backpack when I am traveling.  On flights, the airline always provides water for the passengers.

So, let’s think for a minute about why water is so important to our health (here comes the parish nurse at work!):

Dehydration…we hear frequent complaints of “I am so tired”… and the health provider responds is usually, “how much water have you been drinking?”  8-10 glasses of water are used as a base for most health protocols and the doctor can help you know your need based on your health parameters.

“I can’t thinkmy brain is tired.”  I hear this frequently when I am checking blood pressures, and the answer to the “how much water have you been drinking?” question is the key to finding a way to refresh the brain.  Water gives the brain much needed oxygen to perform at top level in daily activities.  Have you noticed that water coolers and bottles of water are standard in classrooms at many meetings and classes?  Our brains need the boost!

Heart protection!  We immediately begin fluids when the medics respond to possible heart attack calls.  Keeping yourself hydrated could help prevent heart attacks.  A recent article I read mentioned the benefits of a glass of water before you go to bed can help.

Weight control is a big topic for many, and several responses to success in weight loss programs has been “I am drinking more water instead of snacking or sugar drinks.”  An added bonus is the $$$$$ you save by not buying soda and sweetened drinks!

The scriptures for today are an excellent correlation of Water and the Word in our whole health.  Our whole health needs nourishment and we need to “read, learn, and inwardly digest” what God tells us to do to care for our bodies in our daily faith walk.  So…Drink to health and spiritual growth!  And, enjoy the VBS activities on our campus this week.  I will be here most mornings to help with health questions you might have….between Band-Aid patrol and water patrol…

Blessings on your faith walk,

Cynthia Rutan, RN, Parish Nurse at Peace,