Parish Nurse Health Tips for April 23, 2017

Parish Nurse Health Tips 04-23-17

The Lenten season walk to the cross of crucifixion was a long journey physically and mentally for all of us, and I am aware of many prayers and praise moments as we all have experienced some of the same feelings that Jesus and his followers were experiencing , albeit in a different setting that today provides.  Last week was such a joyous expression of celebration as we raised our voices loudly to proclaim “He is risen, He is risen indeed!”

This week my hymn of prayer walk focus is number 685 in our hymnal “Let Us Ever Walk with Jesus.” The hymn writer tells us many words of encouragement to keep our focus on the resurrection of our Lord:

👣 “Follow His example pure” gives us focus even in a world that continually tries to deceive us and lure us to sin.

👣 “All discomforts that annoy Shall give way to mirth hereafter.”

👣 “He will free us from destruction, Give us immortal breath.”

These are but a few of the words of encouragement in the hymn verses, and I encourage you to carry the words with you as you walk or do your daily devotion, to continue to walk close to our Lord in His will for us.  The Bible verses in very small print at the bottom of the hymnal page 685 further encourage and tell us of His ever present help and strength.  Study them as you walk, and apply them to your daily struggles and strengths.

He is risen!  “Let us also live with Jesus.  He has risen from the dead that to life we may awaken.  Jesus you are now our head.  We are Your own living members…” (vs. 4)

Keep walking with Him.  He will not abandon you in your struggles and will celebrate your victory with Him as you grow in faith toward life eternal.  Please contact me if I can be of help to you in your walk.

Cynthia Rutan, RN, Parish Nurse at Peace Lutheran Church and School