Parish Nurse Health Tips for March 19, 2017

Parish Nurse Health Note for March 19, 2017

As you read this you will be one day away from celebrating the first day of spring!

Last week I celebrated spring a little early when I woke to bright sunlight and NO RAIN on Thursday.  I couldn’t resist and went for a short walk reveling in the beauty of sunshine and spring like temperatures.

You all have heard me say how good walking is for our health, so I am going to share some benefits that I have found to be very true.

👣 Walking improves our cardiovascular fitness

👣 Walking helps to prevent bone loss

👣 Walking helps strengthen and tone muscles that support the spine and will help reduce the nagging lower-back pains we all experience after sedentary winter days.

👣 Walking helps to keep us at a healthy weight by burning calories

We have folks walking with headphones in our gym on school day mornings.  I plugged my cell phone music into my hearing device and kept time with the music as I walked in the sunshine.  We can set distance goals such as miles to our vacation destination. I’m going to track miles to my Parish Nurse Coordinator Retreat at Mt. Angel, Oregon next month and see if I can get there before retreat. I already have 52 miles this month!

Many folks walk their pet at least twice a day, and I see moms pushing strollers on a daily basis with their young ones.  I have a six week “Walk with Jesus” devotion book that is very helpful for both exercise and eating patterns while daily studying the walk through the Bible.  I have two copies to share and pass it on, so see me if you are interested.  The important thing is to WALK.  Get exercise, get healthy, get out of that recliner and enjoy our beautiful season of spring. As I was walking, the hymn verse “Just a closer walk with Thee” popped into my singing head.  Just for fun, let’s see how many songs in our hymnal talk about walking with Jesus.  I’ll have a paper on the Parish Nurse bulletin board in the hallway for you to list your finds!  Ready, set, GO!

Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him,

Colossians 2:6 ESV

Cynthia Rutan, RN, Parish Nurse at Peace