Parish Nurse Health Tips for July 31, 2016

Parish Nurse Health Tips 07-31-16

JESUS GATHERS US TOGETHER! Wow … what a testimony to that we experienced this past week with over 100 children gathered together for Vacation Bible School! The theme was Psalm 23 and each day we heard:

Jesus Cares, Jesus Provides, Jesus leads, Jesus forgives,
Jesus is our Savior now and forever!

How wonderful it has been to see children and adults actively sharing in all the stories, games, music, Bible challenge and art activities that bring home the message Psalm 23:1-5. I feel truly blessed to be a part of the faith growth of so many of our church, school and community young folk.
I encourage all of you to spend some time in Psalm 23 this week to recall that familiar, but oh so full of strength, Bible passage. Each day as I attended opening and closing worship, I was moved by how quickly the children learn and remember from day to day. Now, I have a “test” for all of you, and especially those children and helpers …
We are sharing part of the music today in our hymns, so I am encouraging you to sing along as you remember the part of the week where these hymns were used. Ask your neighbor in the pew, ask your children, ask yourself how you think the words of the hymns might fit the messages in Psalm 23:1-5. I am so grateful for such an eager and dedicated faith family and their outreach to keep the faith fire burning. Let’s not let the fire go out!
Let His light shine as you carry on His work this week!
Cynthia Rutan, RN, Parish Nurse at Peace Lutheran Church and School

On another note:
I have new postings on the
Stop to see the latest IMMUNIZATION UPDATES for both children and adults. We are less than a month before school begins and the children have required immunization updates to meet our Health District requirements for school age children. The health department has assistance for those who are not able to pay for the immunizations required if this is an issue. Please call them or log on to their web site for more information, or see me if you have any questions.