Parish Nurse Health Tips May 15, 2016

Parish Nurse Health Tips 05-15-16

We are getting a big dose of warm weather, flowers and gardens blooming, weeds flourishing (the flower beds around our daycare and portables attest to that – Eradication Help Needed!)  … but a little plug for volunteer help is a hint that the allergies are also flourishing and we can rid ourselves of part of the problem by getting the offenders out of here as much as possible.  One of my parish nurse network groups has declared war on weeds in their churches in one town, and have had parishoners sign up for a small area of the property to “patrol” for weeds on a regular basis.  Is there anyone out there who would like to help organize a team effort here at Peace?

Moving from weeds to weather … our country has been experiencing some serious storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires and more in the recent weeks, and it brings up the question, “How are you prepared for an emergency?”  Our county recently published a seven-part online series to help increase awareness and preparation for emergencies.  One area we need to work on, from a nurse standpoint, is First Aid Supplies. It is time to inventory your medicine cabinet, properly dispose of expired items and restock.  Some items to gather include:

℞ Adhesive bandages in several sizes, tape, gauze pads, and roller bandages

℞ Safety pins, latex gloves, sunscreen, and extra hearing aid batteries if you have hearing aids

℞ Scissors, tweezers, lubricant gel, antibiotic ointment, disposable wipes

℞ Thermometer, liquid antibacterial hand soap, rubbing alcohol, antiseptic

℞ Always keep a list of your medications with an emergency supply in case you can’t get to yours in any emergency (ie: fire, power outages preventing return to home, flood, etc.)

It is also very helpful if you take a basic first aid class to become familiar with the new CPR procedure.  Children as young as kindergarten have become heroes by using CPR to help family members!

First aid kits should be part of your vehicle supplies, too, as well as part of your workshop, and camping supplies.

The Bible tells us many times about being prepared.   One verse especially stands out for me: The prudent (wise) sees danger and hides (gets prepared) himself, but the simple (foolish) go on and suffer for it. Proverbs 22:3 (ESV).

I have added other versions definitions in parenthesis from a class I took many years ago on “Prepare!”  It was a simple reminder that God gives us the knowledge and tools just as He did with Noah and others, and we need to listen and act.

Today I have given you several things to ponder and do.  I hope to have feed back from many and even see a weed patrol team in action.  I walked from church to school last Wednesday with a plastic bag, stopped by the day care plantings for just a few minutes pulling weeds out of one plant area.  It gave me satisfaction, added to my exercise for the day, and maybe helped cut down on sneezes for a few!  A little bit does a lot!  Blessed spring to you all!

Cynthia Rutan, RN, Parish Nurse at Peace,